A stadsdorp can be translated as “city-village” and that explains exactly what it is: a community like a village in a part (neighbourhood) of Amsterdam.  

In which area is the stadsdorp? Jacob van Lennepkade, Nassaukade/Stadhouderskade, the border of Vondelpark, J.P. Heijestraat (up to Jacob van Lennepkade). That is half of the Vondelparkbuurt and the whole Helmersbuurt. 

Does it make sense to join if I do not speak Dutch?  Basically it is up to you. Apart from the fact that almost everyone in Amsterdam speaks English as well, maybe you may want to learn some Dutch. Or maybe you might want to meet some locals. You are welcome to be a member just because you live in this neighbourhood. Furthermore there is a growing group of foreign members in the Stadsdorp.

How can I enroll to the Stadsdorp? Send an e-mail to stadsdorpvondelhelmers@gmail.com stating your name, address and telephone number. One of the three organizers of the stadsdorp will help you to find your way in the stadsdorp. If you like, we make an appointment with you.

How much are the costs of the membership of the stadsdorp? Membership of the stadsdorp is free. We are not an organisation, we do not get or have funds. Sometimes we organise an event that does cost money, e.g. because we have to pay for the location. In that case we mention it on the website. The people that attend the event, share the costs.

I am too busy to attend any of the activities. Why should I become a member none the less? You are welcome to be a member just because you live here. It is up to you how often or how seldom you will take part in activities.

What happens to the data that I give when I enroll? The three organizers of the stadsdorp keep your data in their personal computers. If you sign up for an activity, we take it that you agree that we give your name and e-mailaddress to the person who organizes the activity. If you have no e-mail, we give your telephone number.
Then there are “binnenbuurten”, translated: inner-neighbourhoods. These are subclubs of the stadsdorp, each just one or two streets. If you want to join your “binnenbuurt” as well, please let us know. In that case we take it that you agree that these neighbours get your data.

How do I sign up for an activity? Just send an e-mail to stadsdorpvondelhelmers@gmail.com. We forward your e-mail to the organizer of the activity.

I whish there were a readingclub (or some other group) but there is not. What can I do?  Great if you would like to start such a group yourself! In that case we are happy to assist you e.g. by putting a text on this website and in the monthly newsletter. If you do not want to initiate a group yourself, you would have to wait until someone else does so.

Why is the stadsdorp an example of sharing-economy? Would not it be easy to be able to borrow something from your neighbour, or to ask for a little help, or to enjoy someone elses talents? We have a broad definition of sharing economy. Everyone has something he or she is able to do (if one wants to, it is not required). We do not pay each other for services, neither by doing something in return nor by giving a present. Sooner or later there will be something you can do. One person gives a lecture on a plenary session, someone else lends a tool, someone else accompanies a person who is afraid to walk alone at night and yet another person organizes an activity. Everything is important and everyone “uses” what he or she wants.

Who is who in the stadsdorp? Our stadsdorp is not an organization, there is no board or anything. There are people who do whatever they think is useful to make the stadsdorp work. They are all neighbours, no one is being paid.

There are now two what we call core members: Marja Peltenburg and Marlene Hoynck. They organize the monthly club ("sociëteit") and several plenary sessions each year. They make up the website and the newsletter and they answer the e-mails. If you like to help, you are welcome! 

Every “binnenbuurt” has two coordinators who do whatever they consider useful. More coordinators are needed!

Every now and then the core-members and coordinators meet to make plans for the future of the stadsdorp.

Each activity is organized by one person. This person does that in his or her own way and as long as he or she likes to do so. That is why an activity may emerge at one moment or disappear after a while, until someone else takes over.

Furthermore we have to projects: one about keeping and making the neighbourhood a nice place to live (housing)  for all ages (Werkgroep Wonen), one to do the same with the outer space. This is where to read about them: https://stadsdorpvondelhelmers.nl/vh/h/696/0/0/Wonen-- 

We cooperate with the foundation “Wereldse Wijk” (international neighbourhood) and thus we are allowed  to use the “living room”(called Budapest) of the WG-terrein every now and then. We also cooperate with the Repaircafé , with Buurtsalon Jeltje and with Ketelhuis WG

Are there more stadsdorpen in Amsterdam? At this moment there are 27 stadsdorpen and hopefully more will get started. One can find all of them on the website  www.stadsdorpenamsterdam.nl along with a lot of information.

Next to our stadsdorp, at the west side of the J.P. Heijestraat, is the  stadsdorp Overtoomsesluis. At the northern side of the Jacob van Lennepkade, in de Kinkerbuurt and Da Costabuurt, is no stadsdorp yet. People from these parts of the city can join our stadsdorp until there will be so many that they will feel like starting their own.

Last but not least, you can practise your Dutch and meet people here at the same time: https://stadsdorpvondelhelmers.nl/vh/h/2719/0/6505/Ontspannen/Conversation-Dutch---Nederlandse-conversatie